Friday, December 4, 2009

Angel Face

Here is the faux tattoo that i drew on my hand during
my flight from LAX to MCI. If you are wondering
why i wrote Angelface on my hand it's because it's
my newest nickname.

Actual Angelface

Recently I was told that I had an Angelface, even
though deep down i'm not completely an angel but
more of a shady person. This picture, that I took of
myself, hopefully will show how angelic my face is.
Nevermind the comments that may come about
saying that even though I photoshopped my tiny
horns out you can still see them.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

LAX tattoo

Here is what I did while I was waiting for my flight back to KC. This one took me maybe an hour and a half. Give or take.

faux tattoos

Here are some pictures of one of my tattoo drawings.
I'll never be bored as long as i have plenty of Sharpies
and plenty of things to draw on.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mouse Ears

This is Lauren and I with our weird mouth faces at Bret's birthday lunch.

Joshy and his totally awesome mouse ears. He made that pattern for Bret. Very sweet Baby Joshy.

Lauren and Joshy super excited about churros at Bret's going away party.

Rachel and Joshy. His smile don't stop.

Me and Ann. I think we were wearing basically the same thing that day.

Disneyland Pics September 2009

Here is the Small World ride at Disneyland. It was a really pretty day. Kinda hot and steamy but still nice. Took me more than an hour to get that music out of my head.

Me, Jackie, and Bret. I really love this picture of Jackie and I.
We all had such a good time.

Aaron, Joshy, and Jackie. At that point of the day Joshy was just over it! (jk) Aaron however was ready for more!

I also went to Disneyland with my Dad (and Mom and Sis and Bro-in-law and niece's) for his birthday. I have more pics I just haven't made them post ready yet.

Cowboy Aaron

This is really the only good pic from Aaron's birthday party that I have. I think it's a pretty good one. That night I had many cherry cokes and danced on that big beautiful dance floor pretty much all night. We went to Denim and Diamonds. Even though I forgot my best Dolly Parton wig at home and my little red boots were at the shoe repair I still had a really good time.

Mini Cakes

More cupcakes! These are miniature yellow cakes with peanut butter frosting and Ghiradelli chocolate frosting. I forget why i made these, i think it was for a movie night. Chinese food and PB Cupcakes.

Birthday Cupcakes

Cupcakes!!! I made these for my friend Kristy's birthday.

More Cupcakes.

a couple of detail pics.


This is my dear friend Amanda's baby Ruby's first birthday package from me.
(Manders -- i understand if you'd like me to remove it from the web, just let me know)

Here is a package that i sent to my Aunt & Uncle.
They have a beautiful cat named Prince Andrew.
That drawing is pretty much right on the money.
If you guys didn't know already i love to draw on pretty much everything.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm a slacker………

Well, i've been a little M.I.A. with my blog, but now i'm back. This weekend was spent quarunteened in my apartment because I had a sinus cold. So much fun. It was like have a party filled with medication, tissues, and a whole lot of mucus. So this weekend has been an awesome time for watching whatever movies are on television. When you're sick you don't feel like doing simple things like putting movies in your DVD player. So what did i watch this weekend you ask? Well let me tell you… the Goonies (a classic), Cheaper by the Dozen (to date i feel like i've seen this movie more than a dozen times, haha), Catwoman (i had decided before i saw this movie that it would be bad, really bad, and yeah I wasn't disappointed), I watched the end of Spy Kids and was surprised to find out that George Clooney had a tiny part in the movie. What else…hmmm…the Incredibles, one of my favorite animated movies. That's all that i can remember, though i know that there were more. Currently I am watching the Discovery channel which is showing back to back episodes of the Smallest People in the World, which is so fascinating. I don't understand, though, why are there commercials about visiting Missouri when I live in Missouri. So weird. Anyway, that's all for now.