Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tennis, Tacos, Target, Tim TIm, and Tony (Love You!)

Sunday was a full day. It started out with Mandy and I going to church. The message was about being a servant and having a servant's heart. I will work on this, it's not easy. After that we had breakfast at a less than great place. The food was nothing special and the service was "special" in that "short bus" kind of way. Yeah…could have been a lot better and probably could have been worse, but not by a lot. After that we went to the Plaza for some quick shopping. After that she went to a Baby Shower and I went home and decompressed for a bit. Then I went and picked up my friend Tim Tim so that we could play some tennis. That was fun yet incredibly windy. Which makes it hard to play tennis but we ended up playing for two hours. After that Tim Tim and I went to Chipotle for some tacos. Delicious. We sat out on the patio and enjoyed the beauty of the day. After that he showed me his apartment. It was a loft with concrete floors and exposed pipes and ductwork. It was a good space that needs a little more decorating love than it's been given. After that was card night with my femfriends. There were only three on Sunday night, but it was still a good time. I unwittingly cheated at Hearts. My apologies again, I am not good at keeping points. 

Monday. Work was kinda brutal this morning, I was not ready for it. Dragging my carcass out of bed was brutal. I got through work and went home and vegged until I went over to Tony's house and ate pizza. Then we went to Target, something we love to do together. I bought things like soap and boxed mac'n'cheese, and maybe a couple of things that I didn't need like a DVD and a reusable Domo bag. I went home and literally passed out on my bed wearing most of the clothes I had been wearing all day with all of the lights on and crap on my bed. I woke up at 4am uncomfortably warm and with a pinched neck. Not fun. I got myself ready for bed and went to sleep for a couple more hours. Again, waking up the next morning was not a joy. I kinda wish that I was a morning person, but I am really, really not.

Tuesday. Work was fine. After work a group of my friends and I went to one of my favorite restaurants in KC, El Patron, for their dollar tacos. Taco Tuesday! It was a good time with good cheap food. Now I need to go to sleep at a semi-reasonable time. Tomrrow night I am going to the Ben Folds concert. Inside I am really happy. I love to go to concerts. The last time i saw Ben Folds it was raining and it was outside and there were wayyyyyy too many people there. I am looking forward to going to one of my fav venues with a couple of friends, my concert buddies. 

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The weekend, so far………

Let's start with thursday. After work there was kickball, we didn't win but our team always has a really good time. After the game a group of us went to a free screening of the new Mark Wahlberg movie Max Payne. This movie was based off of a popular video game. It was fairly entertaining. I wouldn't ever see it again and I shouldn't have had high hopes, even though they weren't really that high to begin with, but the friends that i went with made it all worth wile. 

Friday was nice. I hung out with my Cali soul mate after work. We went shopping, ate a really good dinner, and then relaxed at his house until we went to the Softee show at the Brick. That was a really REALLY good time. There were so many happy friendly faces and Mrs. Greenleaf and I danced in front of the stage to the last two songs. After the late show was an afterparty downtown. Again, a really fabulous time. It was at Mimi's friend's apartment which has a breathtaking view of the city. We all danced on the rooftop until the wee hours of the morning and I didn't actually crawl into bed until 4am. Whew!

Saturday I woke up late. You can imagine why. My friend Mandy drove in from Branson and we went to Bret's house for a Thanksgiving dinner. (It was originally supposed to be at Rachel's but the water main to her house broke, what an awful way to start the weekend, hopefully they've fixed it by now.) Since almost all of my Kansas City friends will be going home for the holiday's Rachel thought it would be a good/fun idea to have Thanksgiving early. It was amazing. There were 14 people there and everyone brought a dish. We had turkey (of course), cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, creamed corn, stuffing, mac'n'cheese, cheesy potatoes, rolls, two kinds of pies, and strawberry shortcake. Plus a variety of hors d'oeuvres. It was a really nice day. We all went around the room and said what we were thankful for. There were moments where you could tell it meant a lot to all of us to have such warm wonderful friends. I couldn't have asked for better friends. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So tonight I went to my friend Bob's Typography class to present my portfolio and my work from Hallmark, and one of my research books. It was really fun. His class was really interested in what I had to show and what I had to say. They asked questions and even applauded me at the end. It made me think that someday I would really like to teach and hopefully impart whatever knowledge I have to some young malleable minds. We'll see. Above is a shot of my portfolio with one of my logos. My dream is to actually put together my portfolio website, for no other reason but to do it and to say that it's out there. 

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Night is Ladies Night!

Tonight was our weekly Ladies Card Night. Kristy brought a delicious taco salad for us to feast on as we play Phase 10, our game of choice. I can't remember who was the victor but as usual everyone got stuck on phase 7, which is the bane of our Sunday Nights. Later we played Hearts which is a very strategic game, took me a couple of rounds to get it, plus there's basic math involved with a point's system, I'm not the best at math, even basic math, I'm a designer I use a calculator. The last game that we played tonight was peanut. It's kinda like solitare, except you can play off of other people's cards and it goes really fast. Bootsie was the winner after we all nearly had heart attacks from the stress. This game also involves math, I'm glad that I wasn't in charge of that part. 

As far as the rest of my weekend, Friday night I had some friend's over, we made dinner and played cards and then watched one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I ruined it for my friend Katie (sorry), but it made me laugh the whole time, even though it wasn't supposed to be a comedy at all. The movie was called the Happening starring Mark Wahlberg. 

Saturday I spent the first part of it with my friend Danielle shopping and driving around Kansas City, it was a nice way to spend a lazy day. After that I went to Westport to meet up with a group of my friends, they were participating in a pub crawl for Cancer. I didn't stay long, being around that many inebriated people makes me feel kinda weird. Instead, I went home and watched a really great movie called Rebecca. I highly recommend it! It was made in 1940 and it stars Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine and George Saunders. I also did some much needed housework. 

Sunday I went to church in the morning, it was a good message, {two good little nuggets -- 1st. It is God who works in you. 2nd. Crisis reveals our deepest commitments.} After church I went to see the Duchess with my friend Stephen. It was very well done, very pretty, but very depressing. It was based on a true story. It shows how even in that time an affluent and wealthy woman can be imprisoned by society and a man's pride. I couldn't ever imagine accepting a marriage with someone who didn't love or care about me. It's amazing how much unhappiness and torment a woman will endure for her children. Anyway, after that we went shopping for some bedding. It was a really good time. Stephen is as decisive as I am. I love having a shopping buddy like that. That was my weekend. Hope everyone had a weekend that was as good or better than mine.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Here is some hand lettering that i did for a friend who makes aprons, headbands, and belts. Mrs. Duval you have some cute stuff to sell soon!

Everybody's doing it!

If all of my friend's were to …say…start using crack. I would too! Now I can update all of my friend's and family on my crazy life! Enjoy the madness.